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Email: info@nurturtech
Ordering Retail

 Ordering Retail:

To order retail click on the appropriate button to pay using Paypal or Credit Card.  Fill in your address and quantity. You will receive a confirmation from Paypal of your purchase.

All orders are shipped within 48 hours

To order using a check, please send us an email of what you are ordering, mail in your check plus shipping charges. Once your check has cleared your order will be shipped immediately.

If you need to change the order or have questions after placing your order please contact us:

Wholesale Orders

Ordering Wholesale:

Most of our products can be purchased at wholesale prices. Special orders or one-of-a-kind pieces are the exception.

Cyto-Energy Cards - Wholesale Information:

We are the exclusive producers of the Cyto-Energy Cards. The cards are all painstakingly made one at a time for perfect cards.

 All wholesale orders to holistic practitioners or health related stores or establishments are processed through our ordering department. 

Minimum of 10 cards: $45.00 each

Over 10 to 49 cards: $43.00 each

50 cards and over: $40 each
Shipping up to 100 cards is $12.00

For small cards [credit card size] these are special order at this time - shipping is usually a week to 10 days.

minimum 10 small cards: $45.00

Over 10 to 49 cards: $43.00

50 cards and over: $40.00

Shipping up to 100 cards is $12.00

Cyto-Energy Cards large size designed for large amounts of water used for plants, livestock, pets, office coolers. These are about 9X9 inches

minimum 10 large cards: $95

Over 10-49 cards: $93

50 cards and over: $90
Shipping up to 100 large cards is $15.00


Ordering via mail or invoice please email us info@nurturtech for paperwork.

Orders are usually shipped within 48 hours unless there is a backorder and we will notify you.